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Tips for Designing a Baby’s Nursey

baby's nursery

Are you expecting your first bundle of joy? Welcoming a new baby home is an exciting time for every family. Lots of changes and no doubt plenty of anxiety accompany your anticipation. In a link of an eye your infant will be swinging on a swing set and then heading off to college. No doubt you are anxiously making plans to prepare a nursery to shower your precious new baby. Take these recommendations from the expert designer to ensure your nursey meets all of your growing infant’s needs.

baby's nurseryIf you have already identified a separate room for the nursey, you have the first step covered. Many of the items in a traditional nursey have a very short life span. Keep this in mind as you coo over every nursery accessories. Experts recommend investing in hardwood flooring. Carpets can harbor dander, dirt and airborne pathogens. Hardwoods are easy to maintain, fit with nearly every design plan and will last for decades.  Simple throw carpets can be changed every few years as your baby grows from infant to toddler. The next step is to select a soft paint color that will be both soothing and inviting. Prepare the room for painting by removing all the furnishings and prepping the walls. Apply at least two coats of paint and touch up the baseboards, doors and windows and needed. Select window panels that include room darkening shades. This will make daytime napping much easier.

A sturdy crib that meets current safety codes should be your next investment. Many cribs on the market can be reconfigured into twin beds. This is a very practical solution. Check out the awesome deals offered by Groupon coupons and select from the huge variety of bedding available from BabiesRUs. The bedding should complement the wall colors selected. Next, select a comfortable chair for reading and nursing. You’ll be spending a lot of time in this chair – it should be very comfortable. The last piece of furniture for the nursey is a changing table and chest of drawers. Many expecting mothers receive a great selection of books and toys through the generosity of friends. Best of luck to you as you welcome home your new bundle of joy!


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How to Restore Harwood Flooring

How to Restore Harwood Flooring

Have Damaged Wood Floors?

When you get wood flooring construction, you are making an investment in your home. It takes a lot of money, time, and effort to install wood flooring in your home. However, as is the case with any home, and any investment for that matter, it takes maintenance and care to keep looking nice. It is not an investment that you make and leave alone. If you have not taken good care of your investment and damaged your wood floor, or if your wood floor has diminished in color and shine, you are going to need to learn how to restore your hardwood flooring.


Clean and Prep

The first step for any flooring construction is to clean and prepare the area. You must have a clear working area, removing everything on the floor, including all furniture and rugs. You can use your favorite hardwood floor cleaning agent, or create your own using a mixture of 10 parts water to 1 part white vinegar. In order to prep the room, you must begin by sanding the perimeter of the room with 180-grit sandpaper. In order to most effectively prepare for the next steps, you should sand 4 to 6 inches away from the baseboards.

How to Restore Harwood Flooring

Scuff-Sand the Floor

Rather than trying to sand the entire floor by hand, it is best to use a buffer to sand the room as a whole. The prep done for the room is to ensure that all parts of the flooring are completed, including the parts that the buffer cannot reach. You can rent a buffer from your local home improvement store, and purchase the maroon buffing pads to it. If you need to read best information you should visit our link:http://www.tessandgary.com/factors-which-affect-home-construction/ here. Always wear a dust mask in order to protect yourself from any airborne dirt during this stage of flooring construction. Buff the floor in the direction of the grain, always keeping the buffer moving.


Vacuum and Tack

Once you have sanded the floor, you should give it about 10 to 15 minutes for all of the flooring powder to settle. This also gives you the chance for a much needed break. You should then use a Swiffer dry sweeper to sweep the floor, getting all of the powder off of the wood, and from in between any of the floor boards. After checking out this article click here for extra information. In order to complete this step of the flooring construction, you will need to ensure that you dry tack the floor using a microfiber cloth that you push against the grain.


Apply the Finish

Now is the stage of flooring construction in which you apply the finish to your now bare wood flooring. You should always begin by cutting into the corners and edges of the room. These are the areas of the floor that are going to be the hardest to reach. This job must be done very carefully. Once you have cut into the corners, you are ready to complete the rest of the floor. You can use a long-handled roller and roll out the finish across the rest of the flooring, always going with the grain.…

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Tips For Eco-Friendly Home Construction

Eco-Friendly Home Construction

A well-designed eco-friendly construction needs consideration of many factors, which should be included in the early structuring stages. Utilizing green raw materials, for instance, is a significant measure in construction of eco-friendly homes. A good example of this would be replacing normal cement with high fly residue content cement.See full reviews from http://www.theflooringlady.com/

Besides, wood reclaimed from any old building, also makes a great option in constructing an environment friendly house. The best time to integrate certain green features in the house is during the phase of construction. For example, installing the system of drip irrigation is best done during this phase.

Investing in the system of rainwater harvesting is also a great step towards the green movement. Driveways and pathways must be permeable, so that the rainwater can easily seep into the soil. Using SFC certified woods for the wooden fittings is highly favorable for an eco-friendly house construction. Employing low or no VOC paints to coat the walls of a house helps to create healthier and safer living conditions. VOC paints emit harmful gases in the air, which pose serious threat to the health of the residents of a dwelling.

Harnessing the energy of sun by installing photo-voltaic cells and solar heaters in the house helps in lowering utility bills by reducing electricity consumption. Higher reflection of a light-colored roof, in comparison to a dark-colored roof, helps to reduce the heat buildup inside the house. In addition, a light-colored roof also lasts longer, since the amount of heat that is absorbed is quite less, which prevents it from expanding thermally. Green construction handles both, movable and fixed, items of a house. When it comes to the interiors of a house, furniture is probably one of the most important things. To have a green lifestyle, recycled wooden furniture makes the best option.

Eco-Friendly Home ConstructionAs an eco-conscious citizen, you should go for bamboo or cork flooring, rather than the conventional hardwood flooring. Besides, it is advisable to use natural linoleum, instead of vinyl linoleum. Also, make sure to have leak proof ducting in your house, as ducting leaks are known to cause more than fifteen percent of total energy loss in a dwelling. Installing flow reducers in the facets and other bathroom fittings can help you reduce up to forty percent water consumption. The best part is that it is possible without the residents noticing any difference.visit us here!

When it comes to wall insulation, cellulose wadding made from recycled paper or soy beans can make a wonderful option. In an eco-friendly home construction, using energy-efficient double-pane doors and windows can offer more insulation to the house. It is also advisable to go for wooden frames to enhance the effect of these low emission doors and windows. All the above stated tips for eco-friendly home construction would not only save you a great deal of money, but also proffer a number of amazing health benefits. Above all, it would make you a more responsible citizen.…

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